Use Of Probiotics Supplements In Treating Various Health Conditions

Conventionally, people are used to the concept of fighting the harmful effects of bacteria by taking antibiotics. The idea of using microorganisms like bacteria or yeasts for improving health conditions might seem strange to most people. However, in recent times, probiotics supplements are known to use these live microorganisms known as good bacteria to improve intestinal problems and also your overall health.

Probiotic supplements may be available in a variety of forms like tablets, drinks, powders or even fortified foods like yoghurt. The types of bacteria used most commonly for probiotics are bifidobacterium, lactobacillus and saccharomyces boulardii. In most cases it is safe to use these supplements owing to the fact that the bacteria used in the preparation of probiotics are already present in our bodies in small quantities. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to consult a healthcare practitioner or pharmacist before taking these supplements. Moreover, it is also important that you take probiotics produced by a reputed manufacturer.

The health benefits of probiotics supplements have long been a subject of study for medical researchers. In recent times, it has been shown that regular use of probiotics can actually help in treating several heath conditions including:

Childhood diarrhea
Ulcerative colitis
Necrotizing enterocolitis, a type of infection and inflammation of the intestine that mostly occurs in infants.
Eczema caused due to allergy to cow’s milk.
Probiotics help in the prevention of certain diseases including:
Infectious diarrhea and diarrhea triggered by antibiotics
Pouchitis, an intestinal inflammation that can lead to a surgery of the intestine.

Medical studies have also shown that probiotics help in an improved immune system. By introducing good bacteria in the body in the form of probiotics, the immune system gets challenged in a healthy manner, thereby preventing the chances for allergic and autoimmune diseases.

Though not supported by enough medical evidences, probiotics are known to improve various other health issues:

Chron’s Disease and Irritable Bowl Syndrome: It requires long, elaborate researches to prove that probiotics can help in the treatment of Chron’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome. However, many patients have reported substantial levels of relief by using probiotics supplements for the prevention and treatment of these gastrointestinal disorders.

Female Urinary Tract Issues: Various factors like birth control pills, antibiotics and also spermicides can interfere with the urinary tract health. According to some medical researchers, probiotics can help in stabilizing the system, and help to fight against common and highly disturbing urinary tract issues, including bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections and yeast infections. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, it is advisable to consult with a health care practitioner for trying probiotics.

Throat Infections: Some studies have led researchers to claim that probiotics can help in preventing frequent and persistent attacks of throat and ear infections. A study with some adults with a history of persistent throat and ear infection has shown a remarkable decrease in the occurrences of streptococcal pharyngeal infection and pharyngitis after being treated with BLIS K12 probiotics.

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